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My name is Dani

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I am a 36 year old Micro-Influencer and trauma blogger from New York. I am the creator of The Healing and CPTSD Community and a certified EFT Practitioner.

I love sharing products with my engaging following to introduce them to brands that they can fall in love with. With a growing following of 17.4K and a reach of 270K a month, I have become a trusted source in the healing space and am excited to work with brands that can help my following heal, grow, and fall in love with themselves.


What is UGC + Why use it?!

UGC content is original and organic content (videos/photos) created by individual people like me, the target users of your product—to realistically show other people why and how your products are used.


UGC content is mainly used for TikTok, Instagram posts/reels, and in paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

The purpose is that the content is real and relatable, it's made by real people instead of the polished content created by brands themselves. Plus it builds trust: when people see people like me using your products, they trust your brand name.  


If you're not incorporating UGC into your social media marketing strategy, you are missing out!

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Lets Work Together!

I'm here for you. Send me an email at to chat about your content creation needs.

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