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complex dani, danielle carpio, healing and cptsd, cptsd, complex ptsd, complex trauma, healing, dissociation, mental healing, childhood trauma, blog, writing, author, speaker, tapping, eft, eft tapping


complex dani, danielle carpio, healing and cptsd, cptsd, complex ptsd, complex trauma, healing, dissociation, mental healing, childhood trauma, blog, writing, author, speaker, tapping, eft, eft tapping

Welcome to my virtual homebase — Complex Dani. You can consider this website the hub for all things “me.”


It’s taken me a while to learn to love the “complicated” parts of me. Over time though, I learned that it’s okay to be complex — the best people often are.


I created this website as a space to capture everything I am. A space where I can speak from the heart and be raw and unfiltered. Where I can share myself as a beautiful, messy work in progress (cuz let’s be honest, growth is messy 99% of the time), and to offer inspiration and support to other trauma survivors on their own healing journeys.


Here you’ll find my personal musings, messages from the heart, my unfiltered experiences with trauma and C-PTSD, steps along my healing path, and easy access to my other ventures as the creator of the Healing and C-PTSD community, a trauma-informed EFT Tapping practitioner, and more.

In other words — this space is a safe haven for me to be myself, in all my complexities. 


It’s my hope that this website serves you as a safe place of support, recognition, validation, and hope. If there’s one thing I hope you find here, it’s that you are not alone, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are fucking beautiful, for all your complexities and layers. I see it, and I can’t wait for you to see it too.

Part of my mission is to share from the heart, so people like you can begin to fall in love with everything you are, for all your complexities and beauties.

Who am I?

Just as we all are, I am many things in this life. 

 A complex trauma survivor. A certified EFT & Tapping Practitioner. An outspoken advocate for C-PTSD awareness. The Creator of the Healing & CPTSD Community. A breathwork teacher.

A writer. A speaker. A host. An author (Look out for my memoire, coming soon!) An artist. A student of life. A proud dog mama. A work in progress. A heart-guided entrepreneur. Your biggest supporter. 

But thats quite a mouthful, so i go by 

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Here you can find all the different ways you can connect with me to find inspiration and support on your own healing journey.


Okay — blog may be the wrong word.


Consider this a library of real-time personal musings, raw and unfiltered reflections on my experiences with trauma, and explorations in healing and learning to love myself for everything I am.

I love to write, but that’s not to say that my journey with expressing myself in words has always been a joyful one. My passion for writing took a huge hit after a conversation with my own father. In his final years of alcoholism and abusing the ones he 'loved', I had shared with him how proud I was to be writing my own book, and in just a few words he successfully undermined that passion, "Well you know you can only write because of me. You get that from me."


I walked away from that conversation feeling hollow. I felt like this intimate and powerful tool that helped me access the freedom and self-expression I craved had been robbed from me. Every time I picked up the proverbial pen for the next seven years, I felt waves of disgust as what I’d seen as my own empowering practice had now been co-opted and “owned” by him.


Eventually through my healing though, I began to let go of the hold his words had on me. I realized that even though it felt like he’d stolen my power, that’s not actually what happened. I’d given him the power to take my love of writing away from me. The truth is — only I have that power over myself.


Since then, I’ve reconnected with my love of writing. Today writing serves me as an empowering tool that helps me make sense of what’s happening in my life, process my trauma, and excavate and uncover the treasures and truths of my inner world.


It’s my hope that, just as my writing serves as a therapeutic tool for me, it offers you support and love on your own journey, and reminds you that you’re not alone.


You deserve to feel safe, in control, and free. As a certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Tapping Practitioner, a core part of my mission is to help as many people as possible gain the skills and confidence to move through their emotions with ease and resilience.


Whether you’re a complex trauma survivor or someone who just wants to feel better, I’m here to help. As a complex trauma survivor myself, I tried almost every healing technique under the sun. And while writing and therapy helped me understand my experiences, it was EFT and Tapping that truly allowed me to release the trauma stored in my body and begin feeling free and empowered by my feelings and emotions.


EFT Tapping is unique in that it can provide immense relief and safety within the nervous system by taking a “side-door” approach that targets healing simultaneously on mental, emotional, and physical levels.


You can learn more about what EFT & Tapping is on my website, Tapping with Dani. There you can also explore my courses on the basics of tapping and breathwork, a deep dive into EFT techniques, dealing with meta-emotions, and how to work 1:1 with me, Dani.


I first began the Healing and C-PTSD community in 2020 as a key step in my own healing, where I could share resources, advocate for C-PTSD awareness, shatter shame, and create a community for complex trauma survivors to discover they’re not alone. 


So if you’re struggling with complex trauma and don’t know where to turn — We hear you. We feel you. And we’re here to support you.


3 ways you can get involved with our community:


(1) Follow us on our Instagram for weekly anonymous Q&As 

(2) Explore the Healing & CPTSD website for more resources

(3) Check out our new Healing and C-PTSD Youtube channel, where you’ll find inspiring stories from other survivors as well as advice and tools from trauma experts including therapists, coaches, practitioners, and more.


A big part of my work is advocacy. Currently, C-PTSD is not a recognized disorder in the DSM, limiting awareness by medical professionals, resources for support, and insurance coverage for therapeutic techniques.

We encourage you to sign our petition to add C-PTSD to the DSM here, alongside other ways you can get involved to bring more awareness and support to complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

Aaaand that just about covers it! I hope that by sharing my experiences and embracing all my complexities, you find encouragement and support to love yourself for all your rich and vibrant layers; beautiful work of progress and all. 

Sending you all love!



  • On days off, you’ll likely find me… Walking my dogs Lady and Blue, or going on drone adventures with my partner, Gino. (Want to take a ride in the sky from the comforts of your couch? Click here!)

  • I absolutely LOVE qigong, so much so I am currently taking a training certification! It has been part of my daily healing for two years now, and I'm so excited to be getting a deeper dive. 

  • I’m a HUGE advocate for plant medicine. Marijuana and shrooms are a part of my healing journey, and while everyone’s healing journey is different, I’m always open to sharing my experience with them.    

  • My Guilt(less) pleasure: One Tree Hill. I’m currently reliving my obsession and creature comfort through the new podcast, Drama Queens. Also basketball LETS GOOO BROOKLYN NETS!  

  • My current passion project: Aside from maintaining the Healing and C-PTSD community, writing on this very blog and helping others learn EFT & TAPPING,  these days I’m working on writing my memoir, currently titled “A Collection of Chaos.”



Image by Kelly Sikkema


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